Summer 2017, 29. July - 5. August, Gascony/France

We are going to stay in a very comfortable Boutique Hotel in the centre of picturesque Gascony and will enjoy breathtaking view on fields of Cottonwood trees, grapes and sunflowers covering vast territory of 2,2 ha and surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains. South France is full of charm with its vibrant Sunday markets, fascinating antic shops and huge old squares full of cafés and restaurants. Apart from the stunning nature, the Hotel offers a salt water pool, spa, fireplace and excellent bio-food. Moreover, there is a beautiful lake and many hiking trails nearby. Everything is in place to help us relax and fill ourselves with fresh energy.

Yoga Retreat Program:

While children are enjoying our creative program, parent are going to energize themselves with yoga classes for 2 hours followed by half an hour of zen meditation. During vinyasa flow yoga classes, we will change anatomical focus: asanas for hip opening, heart chakras, inverted asanas, forward and backward bends, supplemented with paranayamas. In the evening parents will have a chance to balance physical and spiritual energy by means of yoga nidra and relaxing asanas.

Price List:


Super early bird (book before 15.09.16) 890 EUR

Early bird (book before 31.12.16) 950 EUR

Booking after 31.12.16: 1025 EUR

Family suit or double room

Branch and dinner

Yoga twice a day

Child (>3 YO)

Super early bird (book before 15.09.16) 450 EUR

Early bird (book before 31.12.16) 500 EUR

Booking after 31.12.16: 550 EUR

Family or double room

Branch and dinner

Children's program twice a day

How to book your place:

To book your place, please transfer advance payment of 350 EUR for an adult and 200 EUR for a child to the bank account below with reference «France 2017»:

Snizhana Kipot

IBAN: DE05100500006010671700


It is possible to pay via PayPal. If you prefer this option, please notify us.

How to reach us:

The nearest airport is the airport of Toulouse Blagnac Airport and then by car to our Hotel. If you wish, we will reserve a transfer for you from airport to hotel. You can also fly to Barcelona or Girona, from where you can take a train to Toulouse and then go by car. If you wish, we will reserve a transfer for you from train station to hotel.

Additional information:

If you have any questions or need more information about program, accommodation and payment, please, do not hesitate to contact us: