Snizhana was born and grew up in Ukraine. When she was 17, she moved to Moscow where she finished journalism faculty of Moscow State University and worked as a TV correspondent. Snizhana discovered yoga at the first time 15 years ago, when she tried a prenatal yoga class pregnant with her first son Olexander.  She moved to Berlin in 2005, studied psychology and was interested to investigate meditation and spiritual practices on the neuronal level. After her second son was born in 2008, she concentrated more on her own spiritual practice.

 She went to many yoga retreats in Europe and India, tried many yoga styles, became a certified vinyasa flow yoga teacher and understood that nothing is more beautiful than everyday yoga practice and being “here and now” with a free state of mind. 

Children's program  will be provided by Tanya Madyar, leader of  “Sunduk” kids club from London. Tanya is a professional storyteller, playwriter, entertainer, organizer of children's development programs with 16 years experience, actress and manager of independent London theater company, happy mother of two boys 12 and 9 years old.


She perfectly knows how to entertain and unite children in games. The children's program with Tanya includes daily a 3-hour fabulous quest. Kids will be the heroes of an incredible story, they solve different tasks, engage in creativity and play games that develop their emotional intelligence, thinking and imagination. In addition for the morning program, we invite all the children to a evening storytelling program. During this time adults will have an opportunity to quietly chat and relax.